Devinduct.com is a platform where people can read and write about the software industry and fitness. It's my personal blog where people can write guest and official posts and join the community. A place where developers share their thoughts and experiences, good and bad, in purpose to improve themselves.

How Does it Work?

A successfull author will follow these taglines:

  • ◾ Articles written here are meant to inspire and motivate the reader.
  • ◾ Articles are written with devinduct.com readers in mind.
  • ◾ Articles are written with your own words. Try to be concise. Write from your personal experience and translate that experience into a useful article.
  • ◾ The article should provide the best content as possible. Don't be too broad in order to make the article longer. Try to stick on the chosen topic.

What Should You Write About?

Here are some of the categories you should be focused on:

  • ◾ Your Career in The Software Industry - The industry and employment from your angle.
  • ◾ Technical Stuff - You have solved an annoying problem at the work today? Share it and help others with their struggle.
  • ◾ Self Promotion - Cross post from your own blog, brand yourself.
  • ◾ Fitness and Devs - Write about the fitness and teach developers how to stay fit and healthy considering that we are all stuck sitting at the desk for a long period of time.

The Submission

As for every new user, your posts will be located within the guest section. Each article you write will be reviewed and after it passes, your account will be made official, meaning that your articles will no longer reside within the guest section. They will appear on the devinduct.com home page.

About Me


I am a .NET software developer with over 6 years of experience in developing .NET based web sites and applications. My experiences range from building responsive sites that work well cross-browser and devices to building large ERP systems for the accounting service industry. Besides programming, I love healthy living and fitness, and I workout at least 4 times a week.

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